About us

Earthyard Corporation is a importer, wholesaler and retailer of special construction materials such as post tensioning system, geo-synthetic products, asphalt, aggregates, environmental solutions, trucks and trailers.

Earthyard Corporation have proven their products and services in constructions industry. We provide a standard and better quality of our product and services and maintaining a good relationship with our client. We reduce cost, save time and solving major environmental construction problems using our extensive industry experience since 2004.

Our manufacturing facilities, sales office and distributors with full support as well, please feel free to explore our website, register for information or simply download our brochure.

Gabion, Gabions, Gabion and Mattresses, Gabion Netting, Flood Control

Company Profile

Mark Anthony Ching, a well-traveled business man opens the door in establishing different type of businesses in the industry. Being known to be highly industrious, he was able to establish various businesses such as Earthyard Corporation, E.V.Y. Merchandising.

A long exposure in the importation industry, paves the way for Earthyard Corporation to have a good start in the industry of post-tensioning components and other supplies like flood control project and slow protection. With the a vast resources, well supportive business associates, and untainted reputation in the business industry, the company can immediately achieve its mission / vision.

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Mission / Vision

Earth Yard Corporation’s strong mix of businesses within the Philippines, position us well to benefit from the growth in customer demand for better products and services.

Our mission of nationwide reach and diversity of earnings by region will continue to give us significant advantage.

Our commitment to our customer is to maximize service. We do this by investing for the long-term to develop and bring about the best in our people and our business to provide superior products and services, and hence superior financial returns.

At Earth Yard, our aim is long lasting relationship with our customers, through products and services that offer value for money and security. We also seek to enhance our company’s reputation for integrity and for acting responsibly within society.

Gabion, Gabions, Gabion and Mattresses, Gabion Netting, Flood Control